Drunk Bets Are Bad Bets

Sports Betting Tip # 3: Drunk Bets Are Bad Bets……usually!


Sports and alcohol have always mixed well – especially while enjoying the fantastic action with family and friends. While there’s nothing wrong with responsibly enjoying a few frosty beverages, around your monster big screen at home – or at a favorite sports bar, doing so irresponsibly during the handicapping process can cost your wallet dearly in the end.Think about it. Most Casinos give comp beverges to their patrons. They are not giving away free alcohol just to be nice; it is part of their successful business model. We know that alcohol is a social lubricant but remember, the more you drink, the more your reasoning skills and impulse control decreases. That equals Drunk Bets and betting houses, both land-based and offshore destinations, are hoping that you are enjoying a few cold ones when you visit their sportsbook.

Drunken Bets

Just like playing poker or blackjack, betting on sports requires a clear head in order to enjoy success. Handicappers, whether Pro or just average Joe, should also perform research on the match-ups they intend to place their money on. Being intoxicated while doing said research can have a negative affect the outcome of your tickets. Having a buzz on during the handicapping process could allow you to misconstrue stats and facts of the game that you are wagering on. Though handicapping math is typically elementary, being under the influence can easily cause a mistake that you wouldn’t make if you were sober. That mistake normally leads to lost bets.

Problem Gambling Stories

Handicappers discard a pick for one reason or another. However, after drinking your reasoning and control is impaired which can allow you to be easily swayed. A decrease in judgment can cause people to do things they wouldn’t do if sober = drunk bets. Successful gambling takes discipline and proper money management and that requires a clear head. While drinking in moderation is fine, studies have shown it can be beneficial to your health, don’t start the party until you have researched and placed your bets. Gambling is a world of highs and lows. By not allowing alcohol to affect your decisions while betting – you will decrease many of the lows.

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