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Since the mid 2000’s, SportsbookReview.net has been offering quality sportsbook focused information to the online sports betting community. After a change in management in mid 2009, plans to rethink, re-engineer and rebuild the SportsbookReview.net product were hatched, and the result is what you see today; a premium sports betting information site that aims to keep the North American wagering community safe, informed and most importantly, having a ton of fun.

Our team boasts over 45 years of experience in this industry and this means you get to benefit from our cumulative wisdom.

Our talented team of sports-writers keeps you up to date on everything from the best places to bet online, to the best sportsbook promotions around, to coverage of the most popular sporting events in the world. Whether it’s an article about the best coaches and teams of all time or a piece on to the best odds for tonight’s game, we’ve got you covered.



ROY LARKING – Editorial Director / Editor in Chief

An aficionado of sports stats and fantasy football, and affectionately known as Stats Guru in sports betting and handicapping circles, Roy brings years of expertise to the table in his sports news coverage and ability to manage our team. His pieces are usually overflowing with fascinating statistical information that we challenge you to double and triple check! Roy is a legend in his own right, and we are quite proud to have him on board as our #1 man.

-Frank Benjamin Editorial Contributor / Head Handicapper

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Frank contributes invaluable expertise in the domains of sports handicapping and team match-up analysis.  As a featured handicapper on a leading sports betting site, and also as the author of the acclaimed ‘The Bettor Guide’, we are thrilled to feature Frank as a contributor on our team.

-Jack Swanson : Editorial Contributor

What is a sports news article without a humorous quip every now and then? He may be a Canuck, but having covered major league sports such as the NHL and NBA for years with leading sports betting news sites, Jack compliments our team with rock solid coverage, and the kind of light hearted (and sometimes down right dark) humor that allows you to look at a regular sporting event from a unique perspective. Another great member of the team.

-Denis Reimer : Editorial Contributor

A recent addition to our team Denis brings concrete knowledge of the European sporting landscape to the table, helping us round out our offering to you, our visitor. Luckily, Denis is also an avid reporter and follower of US based major league sports, specifically the NFL and NHL. 

-Jen Glionna : Sportsbook Reviews / Editorial Contributor

Contributing all the way from Costa Rica, the land of offshore sportsbooks, Jen uses her years of experience with online sports betting sites and thoroughly reviews and rates the leading sports betting brands in the indsutry. Readers can expect her reviews to be concise, informative, objective and most of all, reliable. at all times.



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