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Sports Betting Bankroll Management

Sports Betting Tip # 2:

Sports Betting Bankroll Management

It doesn’t matter what sport you are wagering on, sports gambling is a marathon. With sports seasons lasting six months or more, it is easy to lose a lot of money.

It has been said that two percent of gamblers are long term winners. Many might think this is because that most gamblers have bad information and make bad picks. It is actually a lack of discipline and money management that excluded the majority of the betting public from celebrating a profitable season.

Money management is the most important and basic principle all gamblers should be following. Your bankroll, betting units and size of your card are all aspects of money management.

Sports Betting Bankroll

First you need to determine the size of your bankroll. Your bankroll is the total amount of money that you set aside for the season. This money should not be associated with any necessary living expenses such as utility bills, rent or mortgage and won’t affect your standard of living if completely exhausted.

The size of your bankroll directly determines the size of your wagers, or unit. A unit is typically 5% of your bankroll, though you could make it bigger or smaller depending on how aggressive or conservative you like to bet.

Bankroll Management Strategy

Now that you have your unit size, you will place this amount on each and every game that you decide to wager. This helps limit the amount of juice that you pay on losing wagers. You also want to limit the amount of games you are playing. Because the odds of winning decreases with the amount of games you play, you only want to play 2-5 games a day.

A good oversight rule is never to risk half of your bankroll or more at any one given time.

Being a winning gambler isn’t impossible. It only takes discipline and money management. By following these simple principles of money management, you will maximize your profits and minimize your risk.

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