Fantasy - Fri 03/09/2010 - 10:30 EDT

Draft Day Is Here for 2010 Fantasy Football

The long wait is almost over as your fantasy football draft is now just a day away. Make sure you get a good, full nights sleep so you are fresh and alert on Draft Day.

You have done your homework, set your draft strategy and you are ready to go. The hard work is over and the good times at the draft table are ready to roll. It feels like Christmas Day as you eagerly wait to see what you are going to get.

2010 Fantasy Football Draft Day Has Arrived

Now it is time to pack away your Director of Scouting hat, put on your General Manger hat and get down to business. The reward for all your preparation will be a great Fantasy Team with Championship caliber studs if you stick to your strategy and have confidence in your preparation.

Try to arrive at your draft location at least an hour early. This allows you to get your draft space set up and ensures you won’t be rushing once the clock is activated.

Once you are set up in your draft space you should get a bite to eat with a beverage and kick back a bit. A nourished body is a nourished mind and you need to be focused once you sit down to select your roster.

The Draft Starts – Stay True To Your Draft Strategy

One of the most common mistakes made on Draft Day is abandoning the plan you just spent months piecing together. This is most likely to happen when there is a “run” on a certain position.

The first run on a position usually happens with the quarterbacks late in the second or early in the three round. This will be a short run and there is no need to jump on the bandwagon if a QB at this spot is not in your plans.

The second run will happen a couple rounds later and will come from the tight end position. The TE pool is very deep this year so you don’t want to get caught up in this run if it’s not part of your strategy.

The third run will most likely come from the Defense and Special Teams position and is one that you should definitely avoid. This will also be a short run as well so stick to your game plan and don’t get sucked in.

Switching Gears During The Draft

There will be times during the Draft when you may have to consider switching gears. If your plan calls for a selection from a certain position but you see a player that has value you can’t pass on, it is usually OK to switch gears and select him.

If you do switch gears, you must get back on track and follow through with your strategy. You had to pass on the positonal pick to get the value pick so that positional need is still sitting there. Take care of it with your next pick and you will be back on the program.

Most of all; Draft Day is the best day of the year so soak it all up and HAVE FUN!

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