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2010 Fantasy Football – Draft Day Strategy & Tips Part Three

Assuming you have read up on your league rules and crafted a good draft day “Golden Sheet” you have prepared well. There are however a few little things you also need to take care of.

Fantasy football is serious business – serious as a heart attack!  No small details should go unnoticed or unattended to.

Pay Attention To The Small Details – Avoid Big Problems

Every fantasy owner should craft a bye week schedule (just the weeks and teams on a bye) as soon as the NFL regular season schedule comes out. Your fantasy freight train can easily derail if you are not prepared for the weeks your studs are sitting due to their bye week.

Know the bye weeks! Once you have your core team drafted (by the 11th round) you need to plug the bye week holes. Your bye week schedule preparation should include picking a few key target games that you want to focus on when drafting your bye week replacements.

Let’s say you selected Megatron as your top receiver (good move by the way) with your first overall pick. By the time Johnson hits his Week Seven bye, he should have already bagged you about 132 fantasy points. You need to keep that momentum going while your stud is sitting.

Key games in Week Seven are few and far between. The Browns at the Saints is the only game that stands out in a very tough Week Seven. You would want to target a receiver from the Saints to cover for Megatron in this spot. Having a well crafted bye week schedule will make managing your bye week loses very simple.

Fantasy Football Draft Day 2010 Check List

You should always be set and ready to go two or three days prior to your draft. By this time you should have accomplished the following goals:

  • Player research from the previous two seasons as well as the upcoming season
  • Player ranking by position, according to your research and your player preferences
  • Set up and printed the full season NFL schedule with bye weeks clearly marked
  • Cleaned up your computer desk top and loaded it with Draft Day information only

As in life, to gain success in fantasy football; you must plan and be prepared for fantasy football success. Be prepared!

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