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2010 Fantasy Football – Draft Day Strategy & Tips – Part Two

Once you are up to speed on your league format, rules and scoring system, the fun of Fantasy Football really kicks in. A fantasy football owner must be of the mindset that he is just that – the owner of his or her very own football team.

This discussion will be based on a 12 owner, 20 player roster, points per reception (PPR) scoring league. It is the format we use in during the World Championship Of Fantasy Football in Las Vegas and it’s an awesome setup.

2010 Fantasy Football Draft Day – Be Prepared!

There aren’t many things more exciting and gut wrenching at the same time as the minutes that lead up to your first selection on Draft Day. It is highly anticipated and the second your team is on the clock and it’s starting to count down – it’s game on!

You want to make the selection process as simple and enjoyable as possible. There’s no need to haul in 15 filing cabinets and every fantasy football magazine on the planet with you on Draft Day.

Too much information can be a bad thing as it can lead to confusion and second guessing which leads to lost fantasy football seasons. Have solid, accurate stats and keep them simple.

Fantasy Player Ranking Sheet – It Can Be Golden

We roll into the draft room in Las Vegas with a computer and what we affectionately call our “Golden Sheet”. The computer is there only as source of reference and a security blanket. If we need to find a quick fact like an NFL team depth chart or the like we have the info on the computer at our fingertips.

The Golden Sheet is our ticket to the promise land. We do it a little different than most in that we rank our players by position in separate columns. Our list starts on the left with running backs, then wide receivers, then tight ends, then quarterbacks, on to the D/ST and then the PK.

Most will rank the top 300 players or so but that can be a skewed system because of the abundance of QB scoring. We have a predetermined round for our QB selection and not much is going to alter us from that game plan. As the quarterbacks go off the board we mark them off and go back to concentrating on the RB, WR and TE positions.

Draft Day Strategy – Don’t Leave Home Without It

If we have done our homework properly when we build the Golden Sheet we will be able to select the best remaining player every round based on our draft day strategy. Our strategy in Vegas is to select three top receivers, then two top running backs and then one more of each from the RB, WR and TE position.

If we are satisfied with our depth heading into round nine we will then take the best QB left on our Golden Sheet. If one of the positions lacks some depth, we will push the QB back to round ten and shore up the depleted position. It all makes for a cool, calculated and very enjoyable Draft Day!

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