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Known mainly as a North American sport focused sportsbook, Skybook was once a reputable skybook in the late 90’s. They were based out of Costa Rica and were acquired in June 2010 by the Bet Phoenix family of online gaming. The acquisition started with Bet Phoenix serving as the host/platform for Skybook and moved to a full-scale buyout.

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    One of the big reasons for the Skybook buyout is due to the sportsbook’s insolvency and financial difficulties from 2008-2010. Skybook became completely unable to pay its players or marketing partners, and selling off its assets became the struggling brand’s only option. Although Bet Phoenix is a reputable sportsbook, all eyes are on them to see how they handle this acquisition and how they treat transitioned players and marketing partners.

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  • Skybook $$$ / Security ran into severe insolvency issues which resulted in many of its players not being paid, and most notable online sports betting forums light up with angry posts. Although Skybook was at one point a well regarded sportsbook, it quickly lost all credibility when it began to default on payments to it’s advertisers. Bettors are advised to contact Bet Phoenix.

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