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MLB American League Central Division: Tight Race At The Top

If you had told your betting buddies that the Chicago White Sox would be leading the way in the American League Central Division, 76 games into the 2012 MLB season, they would have all had a good laugh and quickly pulled out their wallets to wager against you.

You would’ve also made a princely sum if you said the Detroit Tigers would be sitting in third – not first like their huge favorite odds suggested they would be.

Chicago White Sox: Rocking AL Central Division Standings

With a preseason +2000 line to win the American League Central Championship, the Chicago White Sox are definitely one of the most surprising teams in baseball. Currently in a weekend set with the AL East leading Yankees, the Sox have a 1.5 game lead over the Cleveland Indians who started the season with +600 AL Central winning odds. Can these old guys keep it up? We say no!

Detroit Tigers Need To Start Prowling In The Weak AL Central

Despite not being able to get much past a .500 win percentage, at any time throughout the first half of the season, the dominant American League Central favorite Detroit Tigers (-800) are still in good shape to win the AL Central. That said, they need to pull it together quickly in the second half. They have the hitters to do it – they just need a couple of starting pitchers to step it up.

It’s a good thing they play in a division that is occupied by the likes of the White Sox and Indians, not to mention the Royals and Twins. Detroit would be close to double-digit games out in a couple divisions. Not only do the Motown Cats get to play these normally mediocre clubs often, they also know that none of them are going to run away with the AL Central playoff race.

Beware Of Backing The Cleveland Indians – Royals and Twins Are Toast

Cleveland has been a nice story but .500 baseball is not going to win this division. While it won’t be much higher, the Indians won’t be either, if at all. The Kansas City Royals, continue to improve, but will struggle to reach an even record. It’s another long season in Minnesota as the Twins will hit the All-Star break at double-digits out of first in the AL Central and last in American League.

Daily baseball betting, along with Pennant winning lines and World Series odds, are available 24/7 at the top rated online sportsbooks. The Detroit Tigers Pennant and World Series lines have taken a hit. If you like the Motown Cats, as much as we do, their Championship odds won’t be any better than they are are right now. It’s time for the Tigers to get on the prowl.

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